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I put them to appear in random order so everyone can see the favorites.
Both old and new :3



YureiMari's Profile Picture
Mari Miyamoto
I'm Mari.
I don't do much here for a long time, and I just use this account for talking, favoriting, commenting and a few other things.
I might make something on the gallery once in a while, but it will be only when I feel like it.

I've been on dA for years, and it has been a long time since I became inactive-ish anyway, so even if I tried to come back and promise to myself to make more things, I just couldn't and then I just decided to do things whenever I want.

The ghost refers to that, the old me is dead, and this is like a memorial, where things stay here, but the ghost still wanders around.

"This user is kinda obssessed with YNFC contest submission by Kingdar and its fangames"
Tagged by :iconmistique-mayunnaise:.


-You have to post these rules.
-Each person has to share 13 things about them. 
-Answer the ≤13 questions asked to you and invent ≤13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
-Tag ≤13 people, if you can/want to. 
-Tag-backs are ALLOWED.
-Be creative with the title. No "I've got tagged" things
-You can't say what you don't do.

(Screw the rules, I have long hair!).

1 - 
I don't really like watching movies in general, except for those movies about ancient times where they fight with martial arts or swords and stuff. Also Tokusatsu movies, by that you can say I only enjoy mostly old cheesy movies....which is quite true.

2 - I don't like modern gaming all that much, although you can say lately I'm getting a little bit more interested, but I'm still not all into it. It's easier to count what I like than what I don't like.

3 - I don't like meat except for seafood (it's easier to count what I like).
I don't like meats, but unlike most people, I'm not vegetarian, I just don't like it. I only like seafood, and some rare occasions when I find meat good is when they're mixed into vegetables and cut into very small pieces and boiled.

4 - 
I absolutely dislike hot temperatures, I love the cold (as if it's not obvious at this point) because I don't get sweat and I don't have to wear short clothes to survive the heat, besides I'm sensitive to it and it's overall not pleasing. I don't hate it, but I'm not a fan of it, it could be better...but it could be worse.

- I don't like fried stuff, or anything oily. So no fast food or stuff like that.

- I only have 4 friends outside of the Internet, they're my good friends and forever will be, I don't personally care about having a lot of friends.

7 - I don't like shonen anime or overly moe fanservice anime, which is what most anime western people on the Internet seem to like.

8 - 
I have a healthy habit which was also something I learned from my dad, and I became used to it, so I only consume healthy stuff generally, but besides that, once I ate a lot of Ice Cream to the point where I became sick and could barely eat out of indigestion and at some point I had to go to the hospital. I still see that as even more reason to just don't do that anymore.

9 - I used to just not like my country during a long time, I always have been interested in other countries, but during my troubled age I must say I just was pretty much with a different view on stuff and kinda disliked many things just because I was angry at almost everything. Now I'm not really like that. It's not perfect, but it's decent...well, kinda.

10 - 
I have somewhat a "fear" of people, I don't know what it is, and it's not literally a fear.
But I don't like people looking at me too much, or coming to close, or touching... and so on.
It makes me extremely uncomfortable and maybe panicked.
I can talk and all, in a somewhat decent way though.

11 - I dislike both nationalism and xenophobia, I'm fine with liking this or that for some reason.
But I absolutely hate when people go overboard with it.
It's just ground, landscape located somewhere with a lot of people. Vegetation and cities...that's it. That should not be a reason for hatred and such.

12 - I used to be a shut-in person (or whatever it's called in English), I did never get out of my house no matter what, and with passing of time, I slowly would very rarely, but just to buy something or whatever. I'm no better by now, but it's already least I don't think and don't consider myself a shut-in. (Take a guess why there are so many Y.Y. posts during all day here?)

13 - My biggest passion are games.
While I'm not at all into most movies, I'm not a big anime/manga fan, but when it comes to games, I'm all crazy about it.
I could talk about a lot of stuff for hours with no problem.

Mayu's questions.

1. How are you today?

2. Favorite Country and What do you like about it?
Canada: Snow, raocow, Cyphermur9t, flag, less pollution and stuff. (Because that's a good reason)

3. Do you prefer games or movies? If so, which gaming franchise/movie is your favorite?
If you've seen the facts, now you know. Most certainly games, a lot.
I could say Mario, but I'm not too sure.
There's so much stuff I like.

4. Favorite Musical Genre?
Hard to say, but...
Progressive music, most likely.

5. Favorite Emoticon?

6. Favorite Touhou Character/Fangame?
Sariel, fangame - Touhoumon.

7. Hi.
Hi, Mayu, how is it going?!

Edit: Also :iconjaphethstuff:.

1. What is the 2nd letter of the alphabet? A. D     B. C      C. A     D. B
Oooooh, I get it!

2. If you have a role to play a Touhou character, who will it be?
Sariel because Sariel!

3. What is your favorite game series/characters in my OVGmTH series? (Touhou characters is excluded)
Madotsuki of course!

4. Would you please give some constructive critism in my artworks, if you have?
You're better than me in drawings and walfas, so I have no idea.

5. If you somehow meet me, what would you do?

6. Any suggestions for my Touhou Rap Battles series?
Yuka saying to Marisa "Imma Master Spark yo' ass, like original Master Spark and shiz, coverin' the entire screen, not even yo' fake shit"...or something like that, I don't know anything about Rap to be honest. lol

7. Taoist, Buddhist, Shintoist,, or otherist? (I should stop saying “ist”)   
I praise the Moth Goddess!
Being honest, I probably "otherist", there's no name for it.

8. Games, western animations/anime, or movies?   (I stole your question Mayu)
Same answer as before.
Games all the way!

9. If you can ban one thing, what would it be? (pssshhh, choose tennis shoe, seriously, shoelace sucks)
People who don't believe in the Moth Goddess!
Nah just kidding, well...bad people! (not being too specific here)

10. What species would like to be? (supernatural included, yes I am stealing your question, Chromatech)
Yuki Onna 4 life

11. You see Peashooter in your lawn, what would you do?
Give it some water and love.
Save the Peashooters, they are peaple too! (Get it? Like people and pea!...that's disgusting, I apologize)

12. Would rather date a beautiful/handsome person but with cold heart and abusive persoanlity, or date a ugly person but with a gentle attitude and is willing to make your day happy?
I think I'm not into dating itself, but I would choose
someone for the personality or something.

13. Uhhhhh...would like to see my genderbend stuff at some point...........................
Yeah, sure, why not?
  • Listening to: Ali Project - Sensou to Heiwa
  • Reading: Thread at SMW Central
  • Watching: Youtube videos
  • Playing: Ys I & II on DS
  • Drinking: Water


This art reminds me a lot of my old avatar. lol
Well, it's mostly the hair to be honest, just needs more hair bangs.
Mario Girl Anime by MySimpleDrawings
Oh dear hell.
Browsing through galleries in dA is pretty bad now.
It would be an ok option, but it's certainly bad when it's the only way you can browse a gallery.
What if I want to go to some really old art instead of going gradually through the stuff?
Or just a specific page!?

Why, dA? Why do you keep making bad changes!?
I love SolarSands for making me discover portals to hell in dA...
I mean...WTF is this? Why is this a thing? Why does this exists!? Why!?

Proceed with caution, and keep brain bleach next to you...
I just found a Yukkuri YouTube Channel!
I drank a Kirin Ichiban beer, actually, it was barely half a mug, my dad drank the rest.
Honestly, it's not something I really liked, but it was interesting to experience, not really bad either. It's great to have some fun with my dad.
(Oh my, I almost feel like a proper adult now!...just kidding)


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